Welcome to TitoRO..

Where your tito gaming dreams come true. Introboy ka ba? Tito mode ka na ba? Work is life? Then you are very welcome here. TitoRO is an instant 99/70 pre renewal PvP server dedicated to cater the players who have no time at all to grind. Being a Tito, you were only able to play Ragnarok before the 3rd jobs, hence the pre-renewal decision. All equipments (sans cosmetic headgears) are available in the mall and is updated up to the pre-battlegrounds era. Earn points to level up your battle pass which will give you exclusive cosmetics and roll in the gacha headgear NPC to make you look like the richest tito ever. You can jump in to PvP IMMEDIATELY upon logging in and start PKing your officemates! With its unique setup catering to the very busy crowd, this unique server will let you PvP during your lunchtime and get you back to work by 1! We update this server regularly and with your help grow it to exponential amounts. Happy PKing mga MADERPASAS.

1st Edition WOE
Bergel - Trans WoE Monday 9pm to 10pm
Gondul - Trans WoE Tuesday 9pm to 10pm
Kriemhild - 2nd Job Wednesday 9pm to 10pm
Scarlet Palace - Trans Woe Friday 9pm to 10pm
2nd Edition WOE
Vidblainn - Trans WoE Thursday 9pm to 11pm
Himnin - Trans WoE Saturday 5pm to 7pm
Cyr - Trans WoE Sunday 5pm to 7pm
Name Kill Death
1. sensai 3,156 585
2. Zoom 1,807 689
3. Lotus Fantasy 1,142 349
4. Takoyaki 1,011 844
5. Amoz 521 314
6. Xenojiva 501 697
7. JesGayming 425 213
8. Figment 420 80
9. zxcv 416 270
10. Mikasa 405 143