SERVER : Online | PEAK : 206


Downloads are only available on desktop


Donation Promotion


Donations made during the promo period is accumulated and will give you a chance to unlock higher tiered costume piece

Promo Period: September 10, 2020 until October 10, 2020


We have decided to have these donations AS FAIR AS POSSIBLE without compromising playability and F2Pness. We will not FORCE anyone to donate if you don't want. Every peso will help us make the server better and keep it running as we go!

By DONATING, you understand that donations will be compensated by virtual currencies and products and YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT "THEY HAVE NO MONETARY VALUE AND CANNOT BE REDEEMED FOR MONEY, GOODS, OR OTHER ITEMS OF MONETARY VALUE"


  • Donates are available via Bank Transfer, Gcash, & PayMaya
  • Minimum Donate Amount: ₱200.00
  • ₱10.00 = 1 Titoken


PVP Ladder King

  • The player with most pvp kills starting from OBT Launch until Grand Launch!


  • 1st Place: Consumable Title: “Titong / Titang Galit”, 2 Gym Pass, 1 Costume Ticket, 1 Stylist Ticket
  • 2nd Place: 1 Gym Pass, 1 Costume Ticket, 1 Stylist Ticket
  • 3rd Place: 1 Stylist Ticket

Daily Events

To make your lives less dull in the evening, we’ve decided on setting an actual time for the events every week.

Limited time gears and items to be given away only on these weeks!

Exclusive Headgears changes every week, see for more info and updates on our weekly events!

LMS Prize = 1 Exclusive Headgear, 3 Gacha Ticket, 1 Gympass, 1000 Mithril Coins

3v3 Event (No Unfro) = 1 Exclusive Headgear, 2 Gacha Ticket, 1 Gympass, 500 Mithril Coins

7v7 Event (No Unfro) = 1 Exclusive Headgear, 3 Gacha Ticket, 1 Gympass, 500 Mithril Coins

Also, the winners for each event will be featured in our Website.

WOE Schedules

MONDAY Free for All 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM FE Trans | Bergel
TUESDAY Free for All 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM SE Trans | Horn
WEDNESDAY Free For All 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM FE 2nd Job | Kriemhild
THURSDAY Free for All 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM SE Trans | Mardol
FRIDAY Free for All 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM FE Trans | Bamboo Grove Hill
Restricted GvG (via register FB/Discord) 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM SE Trans | Cyr
SATURDAY Free for All 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM SE Trans: Vidblainn
SUNDAY Free for All 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM SE Trans: Himnin

Agit holders will have a free gacha roll for all members who participated in the WoE

Guild Package

In our package, each member would get:

  • 1 Costume (You can choose from the choices & 1 design only for each guild)
  • 1 Gacha Ticket
  • 2 Gym Pass
  • 2 Mega Phone
  • 50 Bronze Coins
  • 100 Mithril Coins
  • 1 Stylist Ticket

Requirements for FREEBIES:

  • Guild must have at least 8 people

To avail for the package you must do the following:

You can also avail of our guild hall by pming us in Discord or our FB page!

Streamers Package

Follower Requirements:

  • No Minimum Followers NEEDED!!

To join you must:

  • Send an intent to our TEAM via Google Form
  • Streams are expected to coordinate first with us before starting, non coordinated stream will not recieve give-away kit
  • All your streams must use of OVERLAY Streamers Overlay:
  • Give Away Kit must be given to streamer's viewer, failure can lead to sanctions
  • Streamer Give Away Kit (For every stream):

    • 2 Gacha Ticket
    • 3 Gympass
    • Additional 1 Gacha Ticket (Silver or Higher Tier Streamer)
    • Additional 2 Gacha Ticket (Gold or Higher Tier Streamer)
    • Additional 3 Gacha Ticket (Platinum or Higher Tier Streamer)
    • Additional 1 Stylist Ticket (Diamond or Higher Tier Streamer)
    • Additional 3 Gacha Ticket, 1 Costume Voucher (Master Tier Streamer)

    NOTE: Give Away kit must be given to viewers, failure can lead to removal of give away kit and/or supplies

  • After streaming 3 times, you will be qualified to our Tiered Streamer FREEBIES
  • Tiered Streamer will be qualified to receive WEEKLY SUPPLY

Weekly Streamer Reward:

  • 5 Gym Pass
  • 20 Megaphone
  • 5 Gacha Ticket
  • Additional 5 Gacha Ticket (Gold or Higher Tier Streamer)
  • Additional 3 Donation Token (Plat or Higher Tier Streamer)
  • Additional 5 Donation Token (Diamond or Higher Tier Streamer)
  • Additional 10 Donation Token (Master Tier Streamer)

To qualify for the weekly supply, you must complete the following on the previous week:

  • 3 Times a Week
  • 1 WOE Stream on Weekend

Tiered Rank Completion Reward:

  • Bronze Streamer (3 Streams for TitoRO) = 1 Costume Joystick Hat
  • Silver Streamer (5 Streams for TitoRO) = 1 Costume CD in Mouth
  • Gold Streamer (10 Streams for TitoRO) = 1 Costume New Wave Sunglasses
  • Platinum Streamer (15 Streams for TitoRO) = 1 Costume Magical Booser, 5 Donation Token
  • Diamond Streamer (20 Streams for TitoRO) = 1 Nekomini Cyber Headphones, 10 Donation Token
  • Master Streamer: (25 Streams for TitoRO) = 1 Analyze Eye, 15 Donation Token


Max Base Lvl 99
Max Job Lvl 70
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 190
Episode 12 - Transcendent classes Pre-renewal
No fixed casting Instacast at 150 dex
Timezone GMT+8


Instant Job Changer

Instantly changes your job to whatever you like

Item Mall

All items free (Equips, cards) – no Miniboss or MvP cards to maintain the competitiveness!

Auto Refiner

Refines to safe refine for all equips only


Bless + Agi UP + Zeny Refill Automatically

Gacha System

Roll your donation tokens in the gacha system for cosmetic headgears and show off your poo poo hat disguised as a sakkat

Battle Pass

Level up your battle pass (Free or Premium) as you play and receive multiple prizes that will surely make you look unique vs. other players

Special PvP

Champion Arena, Class Specific Arenas and More!

Soundbites Editor

Gusto mo ba habang umaasura ka, sisigaw si dolphy ng "lasang blade?" eto na ang katotohanan ng mga pangarap mo.

Item to Costume NPC

Mahilig ka ba mag tago ng lakas? Use this NPC to convert your items to costume and wear them during your battles.

Boss Time Attack

Challenge the Weekly Boss and get rewards!

Automated Party vs. Party System

Settle your matches here via the automated Party vs. Party System.

Battleground Equips Enabled

Farm BG for your equips! Shake the meta!

Hot Agit


  1. One random castle will be assigned a prize (can be converted to tokens for random guilds) per week
  2. The hot agit castle will only be announced on Sunday, ALL castles (except GvG restricted castle) are included in the random pool.
  3. We will provide proof on sunday that we have already decided the hot agit since monday morning.

The winner of the hot agit will be posted in FB, FB Groups and our Discord channel.


  • Updated Guild Pack NPC Reward
  • Added 2 MVPS in Safari Zone
  • Hwiz Kath (100k Points)
  • Ifrit (75k Points)
  • Change Spawn Timer for Normal Mobs
  • Easy(Poring) from 30 to 15sec
  • Medium(1st Job Bio Lab) from 30 to 20sec
  • Hard(2nd Job Bio Lab) from 40 to 30sec
  • Prizes in Bronze Token Shop has been lowered
  • Added Rosary
  • Added Drooping Cat
  • Safari Zone has been fixed
  • Added Schwartzwald Pine Jubillee
  • Updated some text infos / wrong grammar
  • Updated Boss Time Attack Prize to 1 gym pass, 1 7D rental aura, 2 titokens and 2 gacha tickets (to be given every Monday for the Top 1 fastest team clear)
  • Adjusted Safari Zone Points and Fixed Safari Zone Points
  • Given @request, @mi to players
  • Re-opened Rush on BG mode
  • Enabled @woestats and @spb for all players. WoE stats reset every midnight
  • Added Champ Statues in Champ Arena for top 3 champions (will reset every week)
  • Added PvM mode (Safari Zone)
  • Added Notifications for guildrestrict castle kick
  • Allowed BG gears to be transferrable and storageable
  • Added Betting NPC (will utilize this soon)
  • Added Monk Arena
  • Speed pots will not go through DFM/Quagmire anymore
  • Moved Champ Arena to Class Specific Warper
  • Remove External Buffs from FFA PvP
  • Adjusted Amateur League Flags
  • Added Magic Bible Vol 1
  • Added Crystal Fragment in Supplies > Consumables
  • Added Berserk Guitar
  • Changed Ifrit to Satan Morroc for BTA
  • Added Champ Arena Rankings at PvP Rankings (Will reset every end of week)
  • @ changegm enabled (for some reason it was disabled when we reverted the client). Once used during WoE, EC cooldown will be back to 5 minutes to avoid exploits
  • Fixed Clown/Gypsy skills to be dispellable (also reverted when we downgraded the client)
  • Added Events Informer NPC
  • Added Linen Gloves to Accessory NPC
  • BG Happy Hour Enabled every 10am-12pm and 5-8pm
  • Downgraded Client from 2018 to 2015
  • /NS is now properly working
  • Updated Automated Events Time to:
    • Disguise (Every 4 Hours, starts at 00:00)
    • Dice (Every 5 Hours, starts at 00:30)/li>
    • Fast Type (Every 3 Hours, starts at 00:45)
    • Bomb Poring (Every 6 Hours, starts at 00:15)
  • Dummy will not be anymore teleported.
  • Lowered the Costume Shop Prices
  • Fast @refresh
  • Changed Location of Fasttype NPC to 168 138
  • Changed Class Specific PVP (LK, Sinx, Whitesmith)
  • Added Extra Portals for WOE SE (Thank you @legolas for the help)

Castle: Mardol

Name: Second Entrance Warp
Portal going in: Valfreyja(aru_gld) 178, 263Z
Arrival coordinate: Valfreyja Guild(arug_cas01) : 194,162

Castle: Cyr

Name: West Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Valfreyja(aru_gld): 74,39
Arrival coordinate: Valfreyja Guild(arug_cas02): 62,26

Name: East Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Valfreyja(aru_gld): 75,54
Arrival coordinate: Valfreyja Guild(arug_cas02): 217,26

Castle: Horn

Name: West Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Valfreyja(aru_gld): 58, 153
Arrival coordinate: Valfreyja Guild(arug_cas03): 107,71

Name: East Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Valfreyja(aru_gld): 77,153
Arrival coordinate: Valfreyja Guild(arug_cas03): 176,71

Castle: Himmin

Name: West Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Nidhoggur(sch_gld): 284, 96
Arrival coordinate: Nidhoggur Guild(schg_cas01): 95,15

Name: East Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Nidhoggur(sch_gld): 303, 96
Arrival coordinate: Nidhoggur Guild(schg_cas01): 154,15

Castle: Andlangr

Name: West Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Nidhoggur(sch_gld): 276,247
Arrival coordinate: Nidhoggur Guild(schg_cas02): 315,77

Name: East Entrance Portal
Portal going in: Nidhoggur(sch_gld): 299, 247
Arrival coordinate: Nidhoggur Guild(schg_cas02): 364,77

Castle: Viblainn

Name: Second Entrance Warp
Portal going in: Nidhoggur(sch_gld) 86, 191
Arrival coordinate: Nodhoggur Guild(schg_cas03) : 309,337

  • Updated Battlegrounds, Now Can Earn Bronze Coin for BG Equips
    • Team Deathmatch = Win gets 3 Bronze Coin, Lose gets 1 Bronze Coin (Min to Start = 4 Players)
    • Triple Inferno = Win gets 3 Bronze Coin, Lose gets 1 Bronze Coin (Min to Start = 6 Players)
    • Rush = Win gets 8 Bronze Coin, Lose gets 4 Bronze Coin (Min to Start = 10 Players)
    • Conquest (New) = Win gets 12 Bronze Coin, Lose gets 6 Bronze Coin (Min to Start = 16 Players)
  • Added BG Shop (to appear at 11pm after Woe)
  • Added BG Donation Shop (to appear at 11pm after WoE)
  • Added Well Chewed Pencil in Headgears (5574)
  • Removed Well Chewed Pencil in Gachapon
  • Updated Announcer
  • Guild Hall is Now Open for Application
  • Guild Restrict Implemented in preparation for Amateur/Pro League Agit Lords
  • Implemented Automated Guild Agit Scoring
  • Added 7 Automated Events (Bombring, Cluckers, Counting, Dice, Disguise, Fast Type, Stop Clock)
  • Added Text in Announcer
  • Added Donation Items
  • Updated Gacha Ticket Trademask
  • Updated Mithril Coin Trademask
  • Disabled Dimik Card in WOE
  • Disabled Stylist Ticket due to Exploit
  • Changed BTA Monster to IFRIT
  • Changed Reward Time Refresh for BTA
  • Expanded Class Missing Skill Points FIXED
  • Unfro on GVS1 has been FIXED
  • Removed Rouge Master BOW
  • Added Item Info to Donation Items
  • Added New Donation Items in the NPC
  • Changed Rjelly weight to 1 (Item Description update to follow)
  • Changed Mastela weight to 1 (Item Description update to follow)

With our final refinement of the skill specific hard delay (to mirror pRO ms), we can now enable macro keyboards and mice for the server. We will still be monitoring the APM (actions per minute or APS actions per second) as there is only a certain limit for APM for macros and should still not exceed an allowable limit.

  • Disabled Speed Potion, Box of Sunlight and Foods in Champ Arena
  • Added Exit NPC in Champion Arena
  • Disabled Unfrozen/Evil Druid from GvG Maps (Party Match Manager and guild_vs maps)
  • Enabled @restock in War of Emperium
  • Song Effects are now dispellable
  • Dont Forget Me is now dispellable
  • Allowed Party/Guild Mind Breaker and Provoke
  • Allowed Party Sharp Shooting
  • Refine Skill Specific Hard Delay (Mirror official RO)
  • Enabled Macro
  • Added Light Blue Potion (1 weight) and Light White Potion (1 weight) in the NPC
  • Changed KOE time from 3PM to 6PM
  • Updated Announcer
  • Switched Battleground and FFA text colors
  • Added Dragon Vest in Armor Shop
  • Added Multiple Savepoints, Healers, Suppliers and WoE Warpers on 5 areas of the map (upper right, center up, upper left, lower right, lower left)
  • Added Disguise Event (every 2 hours) on right side of map: Reward: 50 mithril coins per guess
  • Added LMS Event (every 4 hours) on right side of map - Reward: Gacha Ticket
  • Added Cluckers Event (manual) on right side of map - Reward: Gacha Ticket
  • Additional Information via Announcer
  • Updated Flags from (Himin > Horn, Cyr > Himnin)
  • Updated WOE Times
  • Removed Angelring Costume from Donation Shop and Cash Shop
  • Updated Announcements for New NPCs/Feature
  • Changed Announcer Time from 10minutes to 5 minutes due to multiple announcement
  • Updated BTA Delay to 5minutes instead of 1 hour
  • Disabled Rush for BG
  • Updated PvP Statues to show the player stats
  • Fixed Battleground TD Reversed Prize Amount
  • Guild Pack NPC
  • Skill Hard delays
  • Daily Quest
  • Boss Time Attack
  • Champion Arena
  • 3v3 Party Arena
  • Gym Passes on Battle Pass

T-1 before our big update!

  • Added Mithril Coin Reward in BG
  • Added BG Potion (1 weight potions) NPC in exchange for Mithril Coins
  • Added Mistress Shelter Card on Card Seller
  • Added Ulle's Cap on Headgear NPC
  • Added Kasa Card on Card Seller
  • Ankle Snare no longer work on guildmates
  • Added Card Remover NPC
  • Fixed Don’t Forget Me Skill persisting after death
  • Fixed Gacha/Battlepass/Gacha Ticket BMP
  • Restricted Expanded Classes in 2nd job WoE
  • Add Ship Captain Hat, 5359 to headgear shop
  • Add Purple Cowboy Hat on Headgear shop Item ID #5409
  • Remove Food Cooldown
  • Adjust King of Emperium at 3:00pm
  • Autodebuff Assumptio in War of Emperium 2nd Job Edition
  • Fixed Holy Marcher Hat autocasting at 100% to 10%
  • Fixed Party VS Manager Announcing Winner's Party Name
  • Fixed failed to receive War of Emperium Rewards


  • Changed Minimum Skill Delay to 180ms
  • Remove Skulls drop in WoE
  • Adjusted PvP Skulls drop to 20%
  • Adjusted Battleground Skulls Drop to 35%
  • Disabled Guild Alliance
  • Added King Of Emperium at 8:00pm Daily for Battle Pass Points
  • Added Castle Flags in Town
  • Added Yellow Bandana in Headgear Shop
  • Added Nidhorgg's Shadow Garb on Garment NPC
  • Added Gacha Ticket as a rewards for War of Emperium Holder
  • Removed Summon Monster on Abra


  • Edit Description of Gemstone Weight
  • Fixed Red Flu-mask crash when died
  • Add @guildskill command
  • Hotfix typographical error "party vs manager"
  • Enable @refresh in the PvP room
  • Added Chat Delay
  • Revert Over-upgraded weapon back to safe refine
  • Preparation for King of Emperium Hill
  • Added Exclusive Guild Hall
  • Disabled Whitesmith Weapon Refine Skill
  • Reverted Homunculus Resurrection Cast-time
  • Added 30 Seconds Delay to Resurrect Homunculus after it died
  • Homunculus will now be automatically removed when entering WoE
  • Removed Warp to Savepoint delay after breaking emperium
  • Tito Sounds Ticket is now Tradeable
  • Added Announcer every 10 min.
    • Battle Points can be earned through BG. You can get exclusive limited items at the Battle Pass NPC
    • We are still in Open Beta Test. Put all your suggestions, problems and bugs at our discord server!
    • Talk to Lolo Kaho roaming around ingame for more information on our features.
    • The party match manager is a system for you to practice your 7v7s etc. Just form a party and challenge another party. You can also earn battle points through here!


  • Add War Axe [1] 1306 on Weapon Axe Shop
  • Replaced Ninja Suit[0] into Ninja Suit[1] on Armor Shop
  • Crunch Toast and Four Leaf Clover can be stored now
  • Megaphone is now available at donation shop
  • PvP Rankings will now show Top 20 only
  • Skill Points Adjusted
  • Added Rebroadcast Option on Party VS Manager
  • Disable Homunculus in WoE
  • Added 4 Seconds Fixed Cast-time to Resurrect Homunculus


  • Fixed Rush points giving incorrect amount
  • Rescripted Party Match Manager [debuffs on entry, counts down]
  • Added some items at the item mall (Silk Robe, AOA, Guard)
  • Added Homunculus Evolve NPC
  • Disabled Homunculus in WoE
  • Set Guild Cap to 24


  • Fix Emergency call Crash on Battlegrounds
  • Added @refresh Command
  • Max Guild Cap to 24
  • Changed Delete Requirement from Birthdate to Email


  • Added Stalker NPC at Lower Right of the Main Town
  • Adjusted TD, TI prize to 50 wins / 25 lose and Rush Prize to 60 Wins / 30 lose on battle pass exp points
  • Adjusted Gemstone weight to 1 (will update description on weeky maintenance)
  • Gave @iteminfo to players
  • Gave @homlvl, @homevolve to players, homunculus foods
  • Fixed some BG errors
  • Enable @storage / @gstorage at WoE maps
  • Created an Information NPC
  • Reduced TD kills required to 35 and TI Kills to 40


  • Repositioned Test Dummies to face front
  • Made @changegm have a 30 minute delay to avoid abuse
  • Changed announcement bug when female player is changing to a dancer
  • Changed SSR gacha rates from 0.05% to 0.1%
  • Made Tiraya Bonnet and Kettle Hat droppable
  • Removed @commands at free for all pvp and 2nd job pvp
  • Fixed the xVx event mistakenly warping to Prontera on the end of the event
  • Created an Information NPC
  • Made arrows unlimited (does not consume)
  • Removed conquest for CBT at BG
  • NPC and Sprite Changes
  • Added Buffer at the BG Healer (Bless and Agi only)
  • Set BG Happy Hour at 5-8pm and 12mn-6am
  • Swapped Hardcore PvP room to Free for All PvP room placement

Welcome to TitoRO..

Where your tito gaming dreams come true. Introboy ka ba? Tito mode ka na ba? Work is life? Then you are very welcome here. TitoRO is an instant 99/70 pre renewal PvP server dedicated to cater the players who have no time at all to grind. Being a Tito, you were only able to play Ragnarok before the 3rd jobs, hence the pre-renewal decision. All equipments (sans cosmetic headgears) are available in the mall and is updated up to the pre-battlegrounds era. Earn points to level up your battle pass which will give you exclusive cosmetics and roll in the gacha headgear NPC to make you look like the richest tito ever. You can jump in to PvP IMMEDIATELY upon logging in and start PKing your officemates! With its unique setup catering to the very busy crowd, this unique server will let you PvP during your lunchtime and get you back to work by 1! We update this server regularly and with your help grow it to exponential amounts. Happy PKing mga MADERPASAS.